Government Services

With our fleet of satellites, uplink facilities, and state-of-the-art fiber network, EchoStar provides a full range of advanced communication services for U.S. Government service providers and military applications.


EchoStar is a company built on bringing innovative solutions to the market and we bring our unique perspective to traditional services and next-generation technology for government requirements.


Media & Broadcast Services


EchoStar leverages more than 25 years of experience and innovation to provide the broadcast industry with satellite services for video transport and digital cinema distribution on our Ku-band satellites located at 121° and 105° west longitude.

Services include:

  • » Satellite bandwith
  • » Event coordination
  • » Monitoring

We work with our customers to deliver reliable capacity solutions to meet their requirements.


Occasional Use

The experienced EchoStar Satellite Services team is the broadcasters’ choice when it comes to providing unparalleled service and pricing for SNG (satellite news gathering) and the delivery of sports and special events content.

Occasional use services include:

  • » Part-Time contribution
  • » Ku space segment
  • » Fiber and teleport services

Our team provides 24x7 event scheduling, network access, monitoring, and support.


Mobility Services


Our high-powered Ku-band capacity provides comprehensive coverage of the United States, helping service providers to deliver the in-flight connectivity experience that today’s passengers expect.



EchoStar offers satellite services covering the U.S. and international waters off the U.S. coast, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean to a wide range of maritime users, including commercial and private ships and offshore oil and gas operations. Our reliable and flexible service provides the connectivity our customers require for all of their communications and entertainment needs.